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Born from the vision that transportation in the cutaway sized class should be better in every way, Frontrunner® sets the new standard for fuel economy, convenience, safety, durability and passenger comfort.


Single step curb height entrance to a true flat floor, the low floor Frontrunner challenges decades old norms about how cutaway sized mini-buses should be designed, engineered and built. Embracing the latest in high-strength steel alloy, composite materials in its patented body structure, a waterproof sub-floor, industry leading door opening width, vertically stowed in bus ramp (manual or electric) with the lowest ramp angle in the industry, and a unique purpose-built lowered floor chassis, the Frontrunner® is the most technologically advanced purpose-built low floor mini-bus available today.

Its unprecedented score of 91% at the new Altoona pass/fail durability test sets a new durability standard for buses of all types.  With more than double the fuel economy of a similarly sized bus with a large V8 engine, the Frontrunner is a much Greener alternative to conventional internal combustion engines.

The Frontrunner meets all applicable FMVSS standards and is fully Buy America compliant.

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New England Wheels located in Billerica, MA has been setting the standard in mobility transportation since 1988. The Company began its journey as a structural converter of Dodge and Ford vans modified largely for handicapped accessibility. Its Municipal Transporter was the first accessible van to allow for ambulatory and non-ambulatory passengers to board simultaneously, minimizing boarding and unloading and increasing efficiency.  It pioneered the use of one-piece composite flooring in a van adding durability and longevity to the industry standard wood sub-floor.

As a member of the prestigious Ford QVM program, the Company built a solid reputation for quality and dependability.

In 2016 the Company saw an opportunity with the introduction of the RAM Promaster front-wheel drive family of vans and cutaway chassis to introduce a game changing low floor mini-bus. Unencumbered by the drive shaft of a rear-wheel drive vehicle that forced others attempting low floor offerings to compromise their designs, the Frontrunner would break new ground in its design and manufacturing.

Competing low-floor rear wheel drive designs suffer the compromise of a sloping floor from front to back to accommodate the drive shaft. This type of design known as “stadium style flooring” creates a lip where the two uneven surfaces of the ramp and angled floor meet. This ridge makes creates an additional impediment for wheelchairs and occupants alike to enter and exit.