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Frontrunner Lowered Floor Minibus by New England Wheels

A Greener Alternative to a Typical High Floor Cutaway

While the world waits for a cutaway sized electric bus with a real-world useful range of more than 200 miles on a single charge, the Frontrunner® offers a “Greener Alternative” to a traditional fuel inefficient cutaway bus. With a GVWR of only 9,350 lbs. and a capable fuel efficient V6 engine, the Frontrunner offers up to 2.5X the mileage found in traditional dated cutaway designs.

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Advanced high strength, lightweight composite body and custom steel chassis make the Frontrunner nearly 2,000 lbs. lighter, yet twice as strong as any bus in its class.

Nearly 2,000 lbs. lighter yet twice as strong as conventionally manufactured buses – 
Delivering the most fuel-efficient internal combustion engine bus of its size.

"New England Wheels' low-floor minibus aces Altoona testing"

Proven Durability on the Track and In-Service

Tested under Altoona’s new rigorous 5 years/150,000 mile durability test, the Frontrunner® achieved an unprecedented score of 91% with only 1 hour of unscheduled maintenance (125 hours is allowed to pass). With hundreds of Frontrunners in service in the U.S. and Canada, the Frontrunner disrupts the cutaway bus industry with a proven efficient, comfortable, and durable lowered floor-mini bus. 

Your passengers deserve more. Breakaway from the ordinary. See a Frontrunner today. 

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Next Generation Low Floor Cutaway Mini-Bus




New England Wheels Inc. located in Billerica, MA  has a Federal FY 2021 goal for awarding Disadvantaged Business (DBE) contract of 0.3%, as required by 49 CFR 26.45 and 26.49.
New England Wheels is a manufacturer of commercial passenger/wheelchair accessible low floor mini-buses that is actively seeking vendors who qualify as a DBE to supply goods and services at a fair market price. Potential suppliers should have experience with providing Department of Transportation (DOT) materials such as; lighting, DOT safety equipment, automotive hardware/body parts/interior panels, plywood, steel and electrical supplies. All interested parties should have proof of certification and compliant documentation.
Contact Judy Walcott by telephone at 978-600-0490 or Email at Qualified DBE owners are encouraged to apply.”

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New England Wheels is an Equal Opportunity Employer